The financing provided by SBIGFL is flexible and linked directly to the client's sales. Finance is made available upto 95% of the invoice value.

Credit Protection

SBIGFL provides credit protection against payment default of buyer. In the event of a claim on account of default, the payment to the seller is simple without any elaborate procedures.

Collection Service

SBIGFL assumes responsibility for collection of receivables under the factoring agreement. SBIGFL has systems in place for tracking receivables on an invoice to invoice basis and has an effective correspondent network in more than 80 countries for follow up of receivables.

Professional Sales Ledger Management & Analysis

SBIGFL manages for its clients the complete sales ledger maintenance. SBIGFL has now provided web access to its clients for accessing their accounts online via its "SBIGFL Client Access" module. SBIGFL is the first factoring company in India to provide online access to its clients.


SBIGFL provides an e-platform to its clients and their buyers (debtors), whereby
  1. Client can upload the invoices on the system,
  2. Debtor can acknowledge the invoices online.
  3. Debtor can raise dispute, if any, and Client can resolve it, on the system.
This facilitates hassle-free and prompt funding to the Client.