Hiring of services of a Consultancy Firm to assist the Company in critically examining its business strategy as well as chart its growth path for the period  2018 to 2020.


SBI Global Factors Ltd is presently engaged in International and Domestic Factoring as an NBFC-Factor, in terms of principal business criteria stipulated by RBI.

The Company desires to revisit its business strategy and is contemplating to venture into new sectors or products to make its operations bigger and more profitable, by examining the viability of undertaking more non-core activity(ies) in the window available to it.

The Company is looking for a consultancy firm which could help the Company achieve the objectives mentioned hereinabove, at a reasonable cost, since keeping the cost low is a priority for the Company.

The Company is of the view that it could achieve the above mentioned objectives by planning its strategy through “modified ZOPP approach”, which refers to Global Oriented Project Planning to effectively help the clients in rethinking their business strategies.

The consultancy firms interested in helping the Company in achieving the said objectives, may submit their firms’ profile as well as the proposal giving details of the proposed engagement, the deliverables and the time frame. The interested firms may please submit the quote for their services to enable our company to take a view as regards their engagement.